deAd liNeS

Zat-So Productions, 2023 - 254 pages


A work of hybrid fiction, thriller, and bio-sci-fiction of the future, deAd liNeS picks up on the doings of bObby 2shOes from kHarLaMoV’s aNkLe (2019) as he tries to find a way to live a few days longer on this planet while the environmental disaster is in full conflagration. 2shOes revisits characters from his own uneven past while wandering thirsty in devastated rare-earth minescapes, lands destroyed by centuries of invading settlers, a sweeping wasteland where he encounters leVeLLeRs who hoard water and the meagre harvests of their desert encampments, deAdliNeRs who hunt in packs and target the barons and politicians and their armies who luxuriate in the few remaining grEEn beLts.

CAD $24.00 / Book
CAD $10.00 / Book